When Drew takes on a project, it’s all about you. About your product or service. About your business. Drew knows his job is to convince the audience that he has more knowledge, expertise and confidence in your product or service than anyone else on the planet.

Using the highest quality mics and processing, Drew can turn your project around quickly – most times within 24 hours – in any file format you require – from his personal studio.





Some people call it lucky. Drew calls it a blessing. Few people can say they truly love their job, but Drew has managed to do what he loves for most of his life.

There’s no “niche” for Drew. He has “vocally” represented everyone from Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream to the UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship. Promos for Fox News Channel’s prime time lineup to The US Postal Service. REI Sporting Goods to Joe’s Crab Shack.

Best of all… Drew’s client list keeps growing!

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